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“Director Don Stephenson squeezes as much energy out of these three talented actors as the space can hold”

“…Vincent Delaney’s message…is one that both liberals and conservatives desperately need to hear, in an era when fake news and social media are polarizing everyone to an extreme we haven’t seen since the Civil War.”

Manhattan With a Twist

“In a century where American citizens are bitterly divided over politics and uncharacteristically laser-focused on the upcoming midterms, The War Party…couldn’t be more timely.”

“But The War Party complicates this initial thrill by making Laura Smith (a fearless Jennifer Piech) arresting to watch.
…her intern Jessie (Odelia Avadi, bursting with energy)..
The War Party is an exciting play with a strong voice 
The War Party couldn’t be more timely.., by Theresa Perkins

 The War Party delves into the toxic world of American politics, with its win at all costs mantra and paralyzing effect on actual governance …  Ultimately, The War Party attempts to explore the political climate, and, perhaps, even suggest a… solution to the fractions tearing the country apart 
The small ensemble displays a great deal of talent in The War Party, maintaining the emotional whirlwind of a show with hot tempers, explosive confrontations and quiet reflections. Jennifer Piech draws laughs from the audience despite Laura’s oft-obnoxoius demeanor, and she does a nice job of bringing out Laura’s vulnerability and inner turmoil. Odelia Avadi carefully balances Jessie’s apparent naivety with an aggressive self-assurance that can combat Laura’s verbal jabs. William Youman rounds out the small cast with a delightfully convincing take as President FDR – genuine, stately and charismatic.

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People you should know
Don Stephenson



People you should know
Odelia Avadi



People You Should Know
Jennifer Piech



Theater in the Now – Spotlight on Jennifer Piech


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Broadway World announces the NYC premiere of The War Party at FringeNYC

InterAct Theatre Company’s 2008 Production in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Magazine


November 2008

“The truth of its comedy is liberating,…offers audiences a raucous and fun dramatization of the often ridiculous nature of the American political system at a time when most of us are exhausted by the spin.”

“Delaney’s characters grapple with difficulties faced by female politicians committed to important issues and the tabloid-centric public more concerned with their private lives, their hair, and the cost of their wardrobes.”

[The War Party offers] “a welcome political romp at a time when many of us doubt the sanity of our real political environment.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

by Wendy Rosenfield, 11/2008


“Politics that strikes right chord”

“Vincent Delaney’s brand new play THE WAR PARTY couldn’t come at a better time in political history.  With Sarah Palin “gone rogue” on John McCain and Hillary Clinton forced to smile pretty for the cameras while stumping for her former opponent, this is one loaded year for women in politics.”

“Heaven knows there’s been enough political talk for the past 18 months to put anyone off it for a long while”…this play is served “up as a palate cleanser before Tuesdays’ big entree.”

by Jim Rutter, November 2008, review


“The dialogue— laced with political punditry and enough references to past election battles to keep political junkies interested—feels reminiscent of David Mamet in its sharp, terse, tense dialogue, … “

“Like me, Delaney feels skeptical about Democrats and Republicans alike, and his script vents on them equally. Young Jessie hates the socially conservative everything-phobic Republicans but can’t stand the Democrats either (at one point she calls them “pure evil”). The play’s sole poignant moment rightly points out that the country won’t survive such divisive hatred. “

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